Launching on a winter day in 2017


I am beginning this blog as a way to capture my observations and thoughts about New England, to explain my passion to see spiritual awakening here, and to provide my readers with photographs and travel accounts of this tremendously scenic and historic land known as New England.  Since I work in Bennington, Vermont, many photographs will be from my immediate environs in Southern Vermont and Western Massachusetts.   Warm summer days often find me at the seashore in Maine, as the photos will show.

I invite you to ramble through New England with me.  I’ll post about how the Lord has moved here in its rich theological history, and I’ll take you on some driving tours to just enjoy the scenery.   It’s my sincere prayer that this area come alive in Christ once again.

The photo above shows the Old First Church here in Old Bennington, Vermont– a classic, well-preserved example of the fine architecture of this region.

One thought on “Launching on a winter day in 2017

  1. Larry Callander

    Jim – fascinating!


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