Excellent new book on revival in New England

I recently purchased and read, with great delight, Nate Pickowicz’s brand new book Reviving New England.  He and I share the same passion– that New England’s people repent and trust Christ as savior, and grow into mature Christians.  Pickowciz does an excellent job of laying this out in three time periods– the glorious past in which much of New England’s population was composed of committed Christians  devoted to evangelizing America, the current state of spiritual darkness, and what Christians need to do  bring about a future in which New England has a large, mature Christian population that is eager to lead America back to Christ.

Here are some places to read more about the book:

A podcast interview with the author, Pastor Pickowicz.

An article in EntreatingFavor, along with a link to buy the book on Amazon.

This well-researched and accurately documented and referenced book is a masterful manifesto for why it is imperative that we reach New England with the gospel soon, how strategically important it is to America’s future that New England lead the way, what must be done by believing Christians in the region, and how we should do it.

It is written in terms simple enough to be understood by laypersons in the church, yet is deep enough to hold the interest of pastors and Christian educators and spur them to action.

The author shows what roles passion, purity, prayer, and excellent preaching play in motivating the Christians of New England to action.   For those of us actively engaged in working for revival in New England, this is a must-read.img_20140806_190747

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