Scenes around the region

As a region, New England provides a wide array of beautiful scenery– from the natural beauty of the craggy Maine coast to the hills of Vermont in their autumn splendor.  Against this backdrop the people of New England built beautiful churches and town meeting halls and white clapboard homes.  This precious gem of a region is a tourist’s delight.  Join me in prayer that the Lord would work a great revival for the people of this beautiful land.


Sunrise, Perkins Cove, Maine, Aug. 2016


Jeffersonville, VT, Oct. 2016

Armstrong's Rt 7 So of Benn

Armstrong’s pumpkin patch in Bennington, VT, Oct. 2016


New England map in the sand at Ogunquit, Maine, Aug. 2016

Woodstock 4

Church in Woodstock, VT, Sept. 2016

Conn River by Hanover NH

At the Connecticut River near Hanover, NH, Oct. 2016

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