Great architecture in Vermont

As a region, New England boasts both natural beauty and classic architecture.  The six states are dotted with many small towns that feature beautiful homes, libraries, churches, and town halls built between 1790 and 1940. Because these marvelous examples of Colonial, Victorian, and Arts and Crafts architectural styles conform to the ideals of aesthetic beauty, they please the eye and delight the soul.  Here are some favorites from small towns in Vermont that do just that.Looking beneath the surface, one finds a great need in these charming small towns.

In the podcast, Left Behind – Rural America, Collin Hansen and Stephen Witmer discuss Robert Wuthnow’s book on rural America, and the need for ministry in small towns.  In the case of states like Maine and Vermont, the demographic need is great, because in these two states the percentage of residents living in rural settings (as of 2010) is the greatest in the nation, making Maine and Vermont: the two most rural states.


At the inn in Wallingford, Vermont


A Victorian home in Wallingford, Vermont


A church in Middletown Springs, Vermont


A tavern in Poultney, Vermont


A church in Castleton, Vermont


A Victorian home in Chester, Vermont




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