Two Hands

These days, in New England, one finds two different approaches to life quite prevalent, though tragically neither of them results in happiness and contentment. 

On the one hand are people who have so little hope that they let go of all the good things in life and drag themselves through meaningless days in despair without hope for the future. 

On the other hand are those who grip life so tightly that when tragedies take away something or someone they treasure, they cannot cope with loss. 

A few centuries ago, such was not the case. Most of the pioneers who settled the towns of New England believed unto Christ for salvation and walked humbly before God, trusting Him for their lives and health and safety.  And they knew that tragedy and loss were a part of their earthly lives.  They faced both with the biblical assurance that in the end “all things work together for the good of those who are called according to His purpose.”  That assurance gave them strength in hard times and prevented greed and over-reliance on self in times of ease.   

Lord, let us live our lives with hands outstretched to your provision. With fingers open we can graciously take into our hands what you design and desire to give us.  Let us be courageous to never shrink back and drop what you have given us to hold.  Let us never grip our gifts so tightly that we mangle them.

At sunset, God delights in flinging splendor over the church of those He has called to Himself.

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