Sabbath morning prayer

O gracious and compassionate Lord, it is only by your mercy that we find ourselves in the morning of a new Sabbath day.  But we would take this gift of a new day in vain unless we grow in grace and increase in our knowledge of your Word.

May we use the day to better understand who you are, O Lord, and help us to love you above all else, and to serve you wholeheartedly.  We pray that this day we would allow our wills to respond to you.

We recognize that the power to obey your commandments does not lie within us, but comes only as a fruit of your grace.         

This morning we give you our empty hearts that you might fill them with the excellent gifts that only come from you. We give you our empty minds and beg you to focus them on what is pure and lovely,  and to drive out what is foolish and selfish.

O, vigilant shepherd of sheep that all too often wander, guide us in your paths.  With your staff, keep us from error. Show us the paths of righteousness and give us the desire to walk in them. 

Defend us, O Lord, from our enemies, and from snares laid by our adversary. Perhaps our greatest enemy is our own wayward nature.

Keep us free from the pain of straying, dear gracious Father. Protect us from our own foolishness.

Cleanse us this morning. Wash us clean of our sinful nature and make us eager to bless others as we go about our daily tasks. 

In your love remind us that we are no longer bound to the sins of our past.  Release us from guilt so that we would joyfully serve others.

O gracious Father in Heaven, fill us this day with light and peace, with the hope of glory, with delight in simple pleasures, with the joy of fellowship, with your Word, with yourself.   Amen.

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