Have you ever messed up? Who hasn’t?

When we ask the Lord to help us through a tough situation, He is often more eager to change us, to mold us, to make us more Christ-like. As He shows us the truth of the situation, from His viewpoint, we are chagrined to discover that we had a hand in creating the mess in which we find ourselves. Perhaps we took a job against the leading of the Holy Spirit, or perhaps we are in a relationship that we know is hurtful. Maybe we just bought something without praying about it, and now we wish we had not.

As God reveals the truth of the matter to us, we feel worse at first. Instead of finding peace or resolution, sometimes all we find is the stern face of Aslan asking us if we are to blame. Ah well, we are.

But if we sit down and pout or flagellate ourselves for the error we are no better off. We find that when we use the truth inside the Lord’s gentle rebuke, we find peace at last. We decide to make resolution. We ask the Holy Spirit to help us be better, wiser. And He does. He delights in doing that. That what the Christian life is all about. When we use truth to help us heal and grow, we do become what He always wanted us to be.

And that’s when we see that truth hurts and then it heals.

Truth is the bracing wind that blows your sock into the creek. 

Hang up your sock and let the same wind dry it out.

A clean, beautiful creek meanders through East Arlington, Vermont on an autumn day.

One thought on “Truth

  1. What a beautiful picture. And, of course, being the sap for fantasy that I am, I loved your reference to the “stern face of Aslan.”


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