On photography

God is the ultimate creator. We use things He created to produce art and thereby bless those who see our art with a glimpse of heaven. We call these things our creations, but in reality all we are really doing is using talent He gave us to assemble objects and paints to make something. He created the very things we use to make an art object, and without them and the abilities He gave us, we ourselves cannot truly create anything. How humbling that should be to the painter, the sculptor, and the architect, and the photographer.

Ah, but our Creator delights in seeing what we do in His creation when we assemble things to make beautiful buildings, paintings, and yes, even photographs. He takes great delight in our abilities at seeing and remembering and then re-creating the beauty He has infused into His universe. And He knows that true beauty, in any art form, inspires, revives, and blesses the souls of those who behold it.

Photography? For me, this is all it is:

I frame and shine a light on the beauty that God has painted.

The summer sun rises to light up the rocky coast of Maine.

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