May it dawn on us

“We will not hide these things from the children,
but will tell them to the coming generation:
the glorious deeds of the LORD, and his might,
and the wonders that he has done.”
(Psalm 78:4)

For the last century, each succeeding generation in New England has strayed farther from biblical truth than the one before it. This land of New England holds a unique place in history. It was the birthplace of American Christianity in many significant ways. And, God blessed the people of this region with great spiritual awakenings—the Holy Spirit working in tandem with godly preachers of His Word.

When we pray for this land to be awakened, we pray for a new morning. We ask the Lord to bring the light of truth to a spiritually dark area. We pray that the Holy Spirit would call people to himself, as He did in the first and second Great Awakenings.

When we pray that revival would begin, we also begin to realize that it must begin with us. As we study the nature of revival, we realize that many of us are not ready for it. And we keep realizing new things like the fact that true revival might ‘cost’ us something. We need to grasp the reality of the revival we are praying for.

So, in both senses of the word we cry “O Lord, may it dawn on us.”

Ogunquit sunrise Barber 2019-26

Sunrises at Ogunquit Beach, Maine (photos by Rick Barber)

Ogunquit sunrise Barber 2019-45Ogunquit sunrise Barber 2019-15Ogunquit sunrise Barber 2019-50

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