40 Things We Can Learn From the Great Awakenings


…on the nature of true revival

  1. True revival is initiated by God, not contrived by man.
  2. The prompting of the Holy Spirit appeals to both heart and mind.
  3. True revival comes by grace, not wild emotion.

…on the role of prayer

  1. The concerted, fervent prayer of the church is the essential catalyst of revival.
  2. When honest seekers pursue the Lord and His truth, He will call them to himself.

…on the role of preaching God’s Word

  1. The power to convict people of sin lies in the reading or hearing of the Word of God.
  2. Believers develop a longing to spend time in God’s word.
  3. The Holy Spirit anoints preaching to revive His church.
  4. True revival preaching has a sense of urgency.
  5.  People respond to the call regardless of age, creed, social status, wealth, or race.

…on the role of the Church


  1. The Church must operate within sound, biblical doctrine.
  2. Laypeople brought lovingly and thoughtfully to the throne of grace will bring others there as well.
  3. Great numbers of new believers must be discipled and nurtured in stable, biblically based churches.
  4. Believers and their churches must be ready to relinquish entertainments and pleasures for the sake of evangelism and discipleship.
  5. Churches must be ready to discontinue fruitless programs in the wake of ministering to large numbers of new members.
  6. True revival brings unexplainable unity of mind among disparate believers.
  7. The Church needs to train men for lifelong ministry.

…on conviction and regeneration

  1. The Holy Spirit convicts self-righteous people of their sin and need for a savior.
  2. True revival is a humility born of brokenness.
  3. True revival gives sinners a life-changing understanding of the depravity of the human heart.
  4. The Holy Spirt prompts sinners of the ongoing need for regeneration.
  5. The pierced souls of redeemed sinners know the deepest joy.
  6. Christians can expect some resistance from family, friends, the media, and the culture.
  7. The dark, hopeless worldly culture notices the sterling character of those genuinely transformed by the Spirit in revival.

…on pondering the spiritual realm

  1. The reality of death awakens seekers to know about Heaven and Hell.
  2. Thoughts of awakenings, preaching, and revival absorbs people’s minds
  3. Conversations among believers turn from the frivolous to the eternal.
  4. Churches touched by revival start new ministries to children and youth.
  5. College students eagerly embrace theology and find truth.

…on changed lives

  1. Men need to assume the role of leadership in their homes and churches.
  2. New believers need to obey their individual callings.
  3. Since the world will scrutinize new believers, we must be above reproach.

…on the effects on culture and the nation

  1. The ideas of the First Great Awakening sparked the American Revolution.
  2. The ideas of the Second one sparked abolition of slavery and eventually the Civil War.
  3. Unwise excesses, abuses, and outlandish behavior mar evangelicalism.
  4. Change is permanent, but the cycles of apostasy-revival-renewal-summit-decline are inevitable.
  5. Individuals are awakened by the Holy Spirit, which changes families, and then entire communities.
  6. True revival dramatically alters cultures, and entire countries.
  7. True revival sounds a trumpet call of foreign missions to reach the lost.
  8. Each generation must pass the torch on to the next through biblical training.

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